Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015, and what it brings

Hello again :-)

It's been a while since I last posted, and I'm sure you'd like to know what's been happening.

Well, I've been thinking deep about combat ranges, majik, the City and the City's society.

Combat Ranges are a few in number, and are more for descriptive purposes than based on reality.

  • Close Range, Melee Range = 0-3m = Difficulty based on Athletics
  • Pistol Range = 3-10m range = Difficulty 13
  • Rifle Range = 10-70m range = Difficulty 16
  • Rocket Range = 70-250m range = Difficulty 20
  • Atmospheric Range = 250m-3km range = Difficulty 25
  • Orbital Range = 3km+ range = Difficulty 31

Majik is likely to be a bolt'n'build system, where each of 4 main parts of a spell/effect [Area of Effect, Range, Duration, Effect] is bolted together and the result determines difficulty and non-lethal effect on the user.

The City is huge and I've been working to make it consistent, and somewhere for characters to have things to do - but not too safe.

There are lots of people living there, and their life is one of action/adventure/peril, so the City must function.

But there needs to be a place and a role for player characters, who are outside that nice, normal world.

So I'm looking at factions that exist and influence people, things that happen outside the City, the enclaves. And least, but not last, the Feh Aree.

I'm also finalising putting a character together, which might seem a little strange at this stage. Some of the options available to characters are being developed as I solidify things in the City.

Until next time,


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